One of the first digital mashup (or manipulated) images I ever did, dating from maybe 2000, when I was first starting to use a digital camera (I’d already been using Photoshop for years by then, so I was no stranger to digital imaging as such). I’ve always been fascinated by human bodies and landscapes (for me bodies are landscapes in ways that seem obvious to me, and probably cliched to everyone else…), and it all came together for me around this time when I started playing with images like this in Photoshop. Within a year or two I’d started productively feeding an entire obsession….

Both images were taken on my old Kodak DC290, meaning the full size of the original images was probably smaller than the full size image you get here. The two images are pretty straightforward on their own — a friend of mine in my then-studio, blurred when the strobes failed to trigger, and a rather dull image of Bakersfield from somewhere on the Rosedale Highway (State Route 58). Together they work a lot better than I expected, I think.

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