About Pandemonia

Pandemonia is an informal place for Hamish Reid’s photography, video, and associated writing, including photo essays, reviews, and more. It’s effectively a less-formal, more immediate version of my photography.hamishreid.com portfolio site, with content that wouldn’t necessarily fit there.

As explained elsewhere, Pandemonia's been around forever, since at least the paleolithic era of the web, and it often shows. And note that for annoying technical reasons, there's a main Pandemonia set of pages (plain old www.pandemonia.com), which hosts some old legacy stuff that is (amazingly) still linked-to by people and sites out there, and this set of pages, under photography.pandemonia.com, which is the main photo and video place. Maybe one day I'll finally unify them…

Pandemonia has a set of galleries (also linked to in the main menu), a bunch of photo essays and articles (many of them discussing or amplifying specific gallery contents), a set of featured images that I add to  every now and then, and other sections as they come online.

The photos here on Pandemonia range from snapshots done with an iPhone to stuff done with a 4×5 view camera, and from the film era to current digital technology (with a strong bias towards digital — I never get nostalgic for darkrooms and film). The subjects range from desert landscapes through urban streetscapes to people to digital manipulations — i.e. whatever I happen to see (or “see”) at the time. Few of the photos in Pandemonia are technically much good; they don’t pretend to be anything more than what they are — snapshots or photos taken in hurried circumstances (sometimes while trespassing), just trying to document what I see.

You can find out a bit more about me at About Hamish Reid Photography.

All images are Copyright © Hamish Reid, Richmond, California, unless otherwise specifically stated.

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